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Returning to traditional class schedule in September 7, 2021

Returning to traditional class schedule in September 7, 2021

by Carolina B Blackman N -
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Atlantis University is anticipating resuming a traditional class schedule, beginning with the 2021 Fall “Term A”, September 7, 2021. The following protocol has been established starting September 7, 2021:

1.    Vaccinations: Atlantis University continues to take steps to ensure a healthy and safe campus environment as we approach the fall 2021 semester. Although not required we strongly encourage our students to be vaccinated against COVID-19 to maximize safety among our Atlantis University community. To be considered fully vaccinated for the Pfizer and Moderna vaccine you must wait until 2 weeks after the second (2nd) vaccine dose. For the Johnson & Johnson single dose vaccine it will require the same two-week time period.

2.   Masks and Face Coverings: To ensure the safety of all members of the Atlantis University community we are still requiring the use of masks by all students and faculty while inside an AU classroom or facility. The use of masks and or face coverings while outside the AU facility is not required.  

3.   Screening and Temperature Checks: Atlantis University will continue with the current screening and temperature check process for all students and faculty. A screener is assigned to each floor where classrooms are located. This process is designed to help promote a safe environment for all members of the AU Community.

4.   Quarantine and Isolation: If you test positive for COVID-19, or if you are identified as a close contact, you must notify the registrar and you will be required to quarantine or isolate off campus for a minimum of one week. You must provide proof of a negative testing result to the AU Registrar and you must return to campus once cleared by the Registrar. Students, faculty, or staff who have symptoms of COVID-19, even if fully vaccinated, should consult their healthcare provider regarding testing or additional steps and should not come to campus.

5.   Physical Distance: AU will strive to ensure appropriate social distancing guidelines are in place for all classroom and lab facilities. In regards to CDC guidelines, if you are not fully vaccinated, you need to keep a 6 feet distance from other students (approximately 2 arm lengths) and wear a facial covering. 

6.   Questions and Concerns: You should always contact your professor if you have any questions concerning your class requirements and class procedures. However, if you have questions or concerns about returning to campus in the fall, please contact the academic dean at

We are extremely excited to return to the in- campus schedule to provide you a more productive and effective learning environment. With the support of our exceptional faculty and staff, I am confident that we will help you in achieving academic excellence.

Welcome back!

Yours’s truly


Dr. Jose R. Velazquez

Dean of Academics

Atlantis University